Take this challenge, they said challenge accepted, I said.

Here’s a little story to motivate you. 

Do you know what capoeira is? If not, here’s the rundown. It’s a Brazilian martial art that combines dance, kicks, and music.

I made a challenge to someone to try something new and now here I am.

The training was DIFFICULT.
I enjoyed every second. I forgot how fun it can be to challenge yourself and get fit as well It’s a win, win.

So, back to the topic. You don’t have practice capoeira. I want you to try something that interests you. Give it at least a month. You will see how great you are.

Challenge accepted.

Photography Studio lighting kit setup and review

The more I use my camera, the more I learn how important lighting is. I wanted to share my set up experience with you. I hope it answers any questions you have about lighting. 

The video can be seen at https://youtu.be/B66vTmaUf7k

Below are before and after pictures.


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Hike: Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier (trees)

 The scent of fresh air is all around. There is a stillness around you. That is what it felt like to walk around this massive volcano.

Driving up the mountains is an adventure in itself. The winding roads, deep gorges and evergreens all around you. 

When you witness the beauty of this land formation, it makes you appreciate the landscapes of America.

I realized how out of shape I was. What was I thinking trying to hike a volcano after eating nothing but junk food last week?

Action shot of an action shot.
Mount Rainier (open)

I want you to enjoy this as much as I did. I look forward to sharing my next post with you!

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